D’ohnuts E Juice – Pebbles Donuts E Liquid

Pebble Donuts

D’ohnuts E Juice – Pebbles Donuts E Liquid

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Product Description

D’ohnuts E Juice – Pebbles Donuts E Liquid

Taste Test:

The Pebble’s Donuts E Liquid by D’ohnuts E Juice is their latest creation, infusing fruity pebble cereal flakes onto glazed donuts for a flavor that’s out of this world. Upon inhale is a rich, buttery flavor that cascades along your tongue with fruity pebbles cereal, and upon exhale is the freshly baked donut you’ve come to love in the Doh’Nuts e liquid.

Brand Recognition:

Are you ready for the next big thing? D’OHNUTS ARE THE NEW CEREAL!! Largely based off of their prowess on social media, D’ohnuts E Liquid started with an idea from a popular cartoon that has been around for over 20 years. The cartoon obviously was a major inspiration, featuring the iconic pink sprinkled donut, and the catch phrase of a colorful character used as a double entendre for the name. Relatively new in the market, D’ohnuts E Juice has taken the e liquid flavor world by storm and is widely appreciated by vapers.  Bottled by Creme De La Creme Vapor, they use superior flavor profiles using the highest quality ingredients and extracts. Professionally designed, mix and bottled, the D’ohnuts E Juice company and Creme De La Creme Vapor is based out of Los Angeles California.


Bottle Size: 30 mL (milliliter)
Nicotine Level(s): 6mg, 12mg