Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition
Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition
Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition
Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition
Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition


Kayfun 5 Pawn Edition

RM80.00 MYR
he Kayfun Lite Five Pawns edition is a meticulously made atomizer, widely considered one of the very best atomizers on the market. The new edition features a removable 'pawn' style drip tip which captures the Five Pawns spirit perfectly. On top of this, changes have been made to the tank, which is now 27mm tall and transparent. The atomizer itself is 10mm shorter too. All of this is combined to form a truly top tier atomizer.

This is an advanced e-cig product. Rebuildable atomisers are for experienced users only and should not be used by those who do not understand how to use them.

1 x Kayfun Lite Five Pawns edition atomiser
1 x Custom Five Pawns drip tip
1 x Spare Parts

Manufactured in Germany by SvoëMesto
Constructed from solid stainless steel
Juice Capacity: 3.5 ml
Newly designed removable "Pawn" drip tip
Includes one "Nano Tank", only
Five Pawns logo laser engraved on bottom assembly
Recessed Fill Hole and Adjustable Airflow Screw on Bottom Assembly
Newly designed top cap to match contours of pawn drip tip

510 Compatible